Rose & Caro / House of Plants

I am always on the hunt for sources of inspiration that combine plants and interior design and highlight both through beautiful photographs. Recently I happened upon the book House of Plants, which you can find in the Gather Goods shop here. The book was written by two girls who run a company called Ro Co in North London.

I love that the interiors showcased in the book are both clean and collected, a look that is harder than it seems to achieve. This entryway storage shelf shown here embodies a feeling of controlled clutter, which I feel like is the most many of us can hope for in our homes. I’m lucky to see a semi uncluttered house maybe once a week with a tween in the house who likes to make her own collections out of everything she picks up.

Ro & Co embraces air plants, terrariums and all things green and makes plant crafts and displays in their conservatory/studio.


The book is dotted with sweet illustrations like this one that was in the front and back end papers of the book.

Flower Crowns, House of Plants | Gather Goods Co

And how pretty are these flower crowns?

Dreaming of the Fall, Tara Hurst Design

The weather here in Raleigh lately is hovering around 80 degrees. Though I am firmly in the Summer and Spring camps, I do like experiencing each distinct season and value embracing the essence of each.

Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co
Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co

Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co

Fall in my mind is about pulling out sweaters, drinking hot tea, hiking and getting outside – it is about pruning back the spent flowers in the garden and mulching and putting the beds to rest, about picking apples and baking, about bright skies but a muted, unsaturated color palette.

Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co
Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co

Because the weather isn’t cooperating with my visions of Fall, I’m living vicariously through the beautiful instagram photos of Tara Hurst Design.

Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co Tara Hurst Designs | Gather Goods Co

I know that soon this warm weather will pass, the air will turn brisk, the leaves will change color, then drop and I’ll be gazing out the window wishing for the first signs of bright green new leaves to emerge in the Spring.

Jess Feury, Textile Designer

I recently stumbled upon the work of textile designer Jess Feury. The muted color palette of her fiber work is consistent across all her pieces and is both retro and thoroughly modern at the same time. She lives and works in Berkeley, California and is the daughter of an artist and mechanic who values working with her hands. Her work includes handwoven apparel, jewelry and textiles. She draws inspiration from antique textiles, outsider and folk art, the world around her and found and unusual materials. How beautiful is her work?

Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co Jess Feury Textile Designer | Gather Goods Co

September Sounds, A Music Mix

September Sounds, A Music Mix | Gather Goods Co

For the past few years the shop has been using my Spotify account for the music in the space. When I’m at home or in the car, I’m constantly getting logged out so I finally created a dedicated account for the shop. Huzzah for small victories! Currently I just have one playlist, the one you see here which you can listen to below or at this link, but eventually there will be more. If you want to follow the account here for when we post new mixes, our username is gathergoodsco.

I love making and receiving music mixes and they were a staple of my growing up years. There is something about changing seasons that always inspires a new one. This playlist features most of my recent favorites that I have been listening to for the past year. Hope you enjoy. What have you been listening to lately?

Three Things: Beauty Tips

Three Beauty Picks | Gather Goods Co

My friend Amber always has the best makeup and beauty tips. She is the go-to among our girlfriends for new products & tricks we had no idea existed before but now we cant live without. Here are three such things:

Essie Penny Talk Nail Polish | Gather Goods Co

1. The nail polish Penny Talk by essie . I met up with Amber and some friends for a quick afternoon get together and she was wearing this nail polish. It’s perfectly shimmery but still almost a neutral. I picked it up and it doesn’t disappoint.

Three Beauty Things | Gather Goods Co

2. Lanolin (aka nipple cream) as lip balm. I use Lansinoh brand.  I know, I know, it seems weird, but trust me here. I was skeptical when Amber suggested it as well but now I use it too and there is no looking back. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. And for purists, its only ingredient is wool fat, with no added ingredients or chemicals.

Oil Cleansing Method | Gather Goods Co

3. The oil cleansing method for washing your face at night. Have you heard of this? I hadn’t until Amber mentioned it. Another thing I was skeptical of, it is a technique that involves rubbing oil into your face and then wiping it off instead of face wash. Crazy, right? But it works amazingly. My husband, a scientist/chemist type said oil attracts oil like a magnet so that’s why it works. I had really clear skin in high school and then as soon as I hit my twenties I developed really bad acne that I still battle and have the scars to show for it. I tried everything and nothing helped. Oil cleansing has been hands-down a miracle for my skin.

What are some of your tried and true or new favorite beauty tips?


Bright & Cheery Home of Ulla Johnson in Domino Magazine

Bright Cheery Dining Room Table of Ulla Johnson in Domino Magazine | Gather Goods Co

I first spotted this lovely bright and cheery living room of clothing designer Ulla Johnson on Domino Magazine’s instagram feed. This is the color palette that I am always drawn to across all projects: mostly neutral with hints of green, steel blue, brown leather and pink.

Bright Cheery Living Room Table of Ulla Johnson in Domino Magazine | Gather Goods Co

I really like the glass pendant shown here that has a distinct but subtle look that doesn’t overpower the space. I also really like the texture of all the textiles in the space.

Dresser in Domino Magazine | Gather Goods Co

I am particularly obsessed with how people decorate their tiny details on dressers and other surfaces around the house. You can see where I’ve cataloged these on my Pinterest board “decor details“.

Fireplace in Domino Magazine | Gather Goods Co

Mantles too stump me a bit. I don’t like things that look too cluttered or likewise too styled and it’s hard to strike that delicate balance in this spot. My own fireplace mantle is deep and in a corner so it is an awkward spot. I think I’ve finally found a good solution but it took me almost ten years before finding it. Ha!

Kids Bedroom with Cherry Blossoms in Domino Magazine | Gather Goods Co

I love the simplicity of this bedroom. It is sweet and lovely and I’d like to imagine a space like this for my daughter, but the reality is the floor is covered in legos and her walls plastered with drawings and I’m not sure either one of us have inherited the “minimal” gene.

Wall of Bookshelves in Domino Magazine | Gather Goods Co

I’ve been brainstorming bookshelves for our house too for a few years since we are avid readers and have books in all the nooks and crannies of our home. I’ve cataloged a lot of bookcases on Pinterest too here. We’ve finally purchased the lumber so I’m excited to see how they turn out. What solutions have you found for keeping all your books tidy and accessible?

Inspiring Instagrams

Dreamy Dining Room Table Setting | Gather Goods Co

The dreamiest table setting. What’s prettier than a collection of ceramics, tableware and plants on a farmhouse table in a room with lots of light? This tabletop moment from the instagram of Jersey Ice Cream Co, a husband and wife home designer and stylist team, makes me want to pull up a chair.

Iced Hot Chocolate Drink | Gather Goods Co

I really miss making and serving up drinks like we did at the old Gather space. Now that the weather is hot I’m craving delicious iced drinks. This iced hot chocolate from the instagram of Durham’s Cocoa Cinnamon looks amazing.

Kitchen Studio Space | Gather Goods Co

As a seriously introverted person (who does a good job of making it seem otherwise) I crave time in my own space and waffle between having a public space like Gather is now, or just a home studio where I can do my photography and styling work, have an online shop only, and do events separately. My extroverted friends get stir crazy by themselves and at home, whereas I’m the opposite and thrive and am most inspired by my lonesome with little bursts of outside stimulation. I love the idea of having a home kitchen photo studio like Seattle based food photographer Cannelle et Vanille that she showcased on her instagram.

Meryl Streep Quote | Gather Goods Co

And as a person who lives mostly in my head, I find that mind over matter is a big thing these days. I love this quote by Meryl Streep posted on Clementine Daily’s instagram about putting blinders. Yes.

Sunset Beach on the Picnic | Gather Goods Co

And speaking of checking out, don’t you just love this photo by Local Milk she posted on her instagram. Don’t you want to be here on this blanket on the beach having a picnic? I do.

Plant Filled Shop Shelves | Gather Goods Co

I always love seeing how others shops merchandise their shelves. U.K. based Botany which sells plants and home wares and seems a kindred spirit, posted this shot on their instagram.