Notes of Encouragement

For many of us, this time of enforced social distancing and quiet (or maybe less quiet with kids underfoot) time at home feels uncertain and overwhelming as we await what it means for our jobs, our bills, our food, our schools, the economy, ourselves, our loved ones, the world at large. Despite the fear, there are also SO many undercurrents of amazing things happening all around us, people working together to help one another. Things may feel uncertain right now but this too shall pass, it always does. It might be hard now and in the future but there are many, many, many people focused on helping. How inspiring that collectively we are sharing a common perspective? How many times has that ever happened before? How can we as individuals, as businesses, as organizations use this time for good? Here’s some art I created a few years ago that I intended to make into cards and prints but never did, it feels appropriate today.

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