Art Journals – Inspired By: Upcoming Journaling Class at Gather

On Thursday March 28th at 6:30pm, professional illustrator and avid zine maker Lucy Kagan of Cottonbook will be teaching a Journaling Class at Gather in downtown Cary and going over the processes of three different type of journaling styles and teaching you how to stay on track with making your own. The class will go into depth on three different styles: Bullet Journaling, Art Journaling & Autobiographical Comicbook Style Journaling. If you’d like to join the class you can register here. I am really looking forward to going in-depth on this creative process with others and finding some techniques to help me stick-to a habit of doing it more seamlessly in one spot (vs millions of scattered journals).

Journals are arguably one of the most treasured possessions of a creative mind. No matter the form, time has shown that most creatives use them in some capacity to flesh out their ideas, to express themselves, and to process the world around them. I’ve rounded up some inspiring art journals here from others.

I have dozens of different types of journals but my favorite/most consistent form of personal self expression/discovery is collaging. I’m also a huge fan of bullet journaling which I will go into more depth on another day (and of course at the class on Thursday March 28th – will you be there? Sign up here).

Images: Fruit Journal Page by Carolyn Gavin, Light all my lights journal page by Abigail Halpin , Flowers and Girl Journal page by Abigail Halpin, illustrated art journal page by StudioSilvana, Joy journal page by Abigail HalpinFlowers journal page by Carolyn Gavin, Flowers and bike journal page by Carolyn Gavin, Jungle Portrait by Fiphie

2 thoughts on “Art Journals – Inspired By: Upcoming Journaling Class at Gather

  1. Hello!
    My name is Sally. I am interested in learning the process of bookbinding with the signatures and such. Different styles of stitching etc. I have been delving into junk journaling. I don’t draw or paint (paintings). I think I’m working backwards trying to put pages together when I really don’t know what I’m doing with the book or signatures! Do you offer classes on this? If not do you know someone that can. All I have found is actual bookbinders.

    1. Hi Sally, For some reason this comment went into spam. Are you local to the Triangle? If so I’m happy to make some recommendations.

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