Flower Crown Bridal Shower Party at Gather

Airy Flower Crown DIY Bridal Shower Party

In addition to being a shared office space that houses seven private offices, the front classroom portion of Gather (which also functions as an appointment only showroom for our online shop) hosts classes frequently – either curated by me or others. The studio tenants host their own workshops, I of course facilitate maker lead craft classes about once a month, and I also rent out the space for private events and parties.

Bridal Shower, Flower Crown Making Party at Gather in downtown Cary, NC

I can tailor a class to you based on one of any of the ones that have been offered through Gather in the past (terrariums, flower arranging, embroidery, wreath making, the list is endless) or I can custom create a class especially for you. To host a private class I just ask that there are four or more attendees – beyond that, together we can tailor the specifics to what you have in mind.

The benefits are that all the materials (and instruction) are provided and you can bring in your own food and drinks (or we can arrange that too) and we do all the setup and cleanup. You just show up with your friends, make your project and then leave with your completed project and off you go to dinner or wherever you want to head next and your house stays clean – or not clean, whatever the case may be. 😉 It’s a no-brainer get together solution. While I don’t always take photos of the events – it’s hard to be hostess, photographer, and teacher in one – sometimes I do, and I was able to capture these recently.

These pictures I took were from a recent private party that was created for a DIY flower crown bridal shower party. Each of the bridesmaids created their own faux flower crown as per the bride’s request (so that it could be made well in advance and used over and over again) to be worn at her upcoming wedding ceremony. Each bride made their own unique crown that still complemented the others because of the similar materials and color palette.

The bride-to-be’s sister provided the champagne and charcuterie and I provided the cups, the space, the flowers, the supplies, the instruction and some recommendations on local downtown Cary restaurants they could check out afterwards. Before the event, the bride-to-be and I exchanged some inspiration photos which allowed me to pull together a palette of colors and flower styles that would most closely resemble the look she was going for.

Since my background is in design, facilitation and styling, this custom art-direction that I am able to provide is not only fun for me, but ensures you’ll get a high quality end result as well. This is how every class that has ever been offered at Gather has been created: with a vision and idea in my head, my guidance on aesthetic and then many times a collaboration. I scout out people who I think can best bring that vision I had in my head to light, sometimes it’s me or oftentimes it’s a local maker who I think can take that idea and run with it, most especially because I love to highlight local craftspeople and their techniques and expertise. With a private class such as this one I just fold in the teaching aspect and become the teacher too. I really enjoy both the practical and creative aspects of teaching.

Are you interested in pulling together a similar event for you and your friends or coworkers, your upcoming bridal party or even your teen/tween adult birthday? Email me and let’s set something up. It’s low on pressure and high on value and good times in Gather’s serene and lovely space in downtown Cary in the middle of the Triangle.

Photos by Michelle Smith Creative for Gather Goods Co

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