Gift Guide, For Nature Lovers

  1. Porcelain Planters – for elevating your house plants in a beautiful, heirloom-quality vessel
  2. Champagne Poppies – a windowsill garden to grow your own flowers
  3. Peony Embroidery – for keeping your hands busy while watching your favorite show
  4. A Real Fern Embedded in a Tear Drop Necklace – because it’s a great touchstone when you can’t be outside
  5. Forest Bathing – a book about the healing power of walking in the woods
  6. A Vintage-Feeling Art Print – so that you can have a bouquet of flowers year-round
  7. Protea Flower Paint By Number – for a little plant therapy
  8. Fern Letterpressed Art Print – simple and sweet
  9. Beautiful Ceramic Wall Hangers – for a wall full of foliage –
  10. Houseplant Book Markers – The prettiest way to save your page
  11. Vintage Inspired Enamel Pin – For wearing on your jacket
  1. A seed shaker full of bee-friendly pollinator flowers – for growing all the flowers
  2. Leaf page markers for noting your favorite quotes
  3. Round Hanging wall planter – for making an impact
  4. Beautiful super sharp scissors – for trimming and deadheading
  5. Plant ladies puzzle – for whiling away an afternoon
  6. A needle-felting craft kit inspired by a beautiful houseplant
  7. A mixed media flower print for creating cheer
  8. Hand-forged copper feather necklace for a wearable totem
  9. A DIY Gardening book for making hanging kokedama (plants suspended without a pot and bound by its roots)
  10. Ceramic bird coasters – for art on your tabletop

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