Gift Guide, For Your Stylish Friend

  1. Brass Circle Pendant Necklace – For Making a Simple But Striking Statement
  2. Super Chic Sunglasses – A Daily Wardrobe Staple
  3. A Long Hanging Necklace Perfect for Wearing with Sweaters
  4. A Delicate But Edgy Infinity Bracelet
  5. A Note Card Featuring a Vintage Inspired Portrait
  6. An Art Deco Inspired Opal Ring
  7. Palo Santo Body Oil – Because if “Cool” Had a Smell This Would Be It
  8. Half Moon Earrings – For Dressing Up or Dressing Down
  9. Vegan Leather Backpack – For Toting Around the Essentials While Biking Through Town
  10. Rattan Clutch – For Beachy Vibes
  11. A Note Card Featuring A Portrait of A Chic Woman in A Straw Hat, For Their Aspiring Elizabeth Bennett/Lady Farmer/60’s French Ingenue Aesthetic
  12. A 14k Gold Filled Infinity Bracelet – That is Subtly Unique

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