Going Vegan

I’ve long had a health goal of trying to integrate a more vegan based diet into my day to day. While my family eats a lot of vegetables and not that much meat as it is, I can’t deny how good I feel and how yummy just eating vegetables is to me. Plus it just makes a lot of intuitive sense. Still, the idea of giving up creams and cheeses and milks seems cumbersome and daunting since they have been programmed into our diet for so long. I have huge binders full of recipes I’ve been collecting since I was a teenager and changing it all up seems like a hassle.

I had been hearing a number of health-minded fitness friends mention The Game Changers documentary so I watched it. The premise of the movie is to bust typically masculine stigmas of strength and power by showing high performing athletes eschewing meat and instead relying on vegetable protein. Unless you are fascinated by watching said athletes talk about these things for an hour or so, I would say you can take my summary above and apply it as you see fit.

Regardless, it spurred a discussion between my husband and I and a goal to try out a completely vegan diet for a month which would give us time to try out soy based alternatives and really dig in properly more than say a week would. Our goal isn’t to become 100% vegan, but instead to be more comfortable with the plant based alternatives that are out there so we can make healthier choices in our everyday cooking and eating. I’m really looking forward to it. We’re waiting until the holidays pass to make it easier but I’m armed with a stack of cookbooks from the library and I can’t wait to dig in.

Do you have any go-to vegan recipes? I’ll be sure to report back with cookbook and recipe recommendations.

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