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Don’t you just love these gold, minimalist geometric earrings in the Gather shop? They are simple and modern. Hand made gifts make the best gifts don’t you think?

Join me and instructor Lucy Kagan for an evening of cozy crafting on Thursday December 12th at 6:30pm. Put away your holiday to-do list for a few hours, bask in the season by taking some time for yourself. We’ll have holiday tunes and warm drinks and be making DIY pom pom earrings and garlands. Hope to see you there! Register for the class here.

I think in this age of always-engaged-with-technology, it’s helpful to remember that working with our hands, getting them dirty, making things, cooking, using them as a tool is an important part of being human and a great physical release too. I love that this handsome ring in the Gather shop is a reminder of that, a totem to wear to inspire more active uses of our bodies and selves.

Do you have a library nearby? I frequent mine a few times a week. What is more inspiring than being surrounded by all those ideas, bound and collected, for free and to share? The new Cary library just opened downtown and it has a great view overlooking the park and fountain and Cary Arts Center. Gather is just a crosswalk away to the left of this photo and the library. If you’re coming to the Shop Local Holiday Market at Gather on Saturday December 7th from 11am-3pm, you could check it out then. I recommend parking in the deck, walking to Gather, then meandering around downtown for the day.

A sign of a well-designed and pulled together house is the attention to details. It’s something that is a constant work in progress for me. While I have a lot of in-progress, half-finished projects around the house, it’s important to me that my space always feels cozy and welcoming, it’s my retreat after all and that of my family as well. Good quality Turkish towels are a step toward those “finished” details. I love how they look in a bathroom hung on a hook, slung over the back of a sofa or as a dish towel in the kitchen. I just got unpacked a lot of them in a variety of sizes and added them online and to the shop showroom so you can use them in your own home. You can shop for them here.

Are you coming to the Shop Local Holiday Market at Gather on Saturday December 7th from 11am-4pm? It’s going to be really fun. I’ve been working on a holiday playlist all week and I keep adding vendors to the line-up. There will be an amazing group of makers selling their wares, hot chocolate and an abundance of those holiday hygge vibes and who couldn’t use more of that in the winter time? 😉

While I enjoy pulling flowers together and making arrangements with them, a really simple way to bring impact to an everyday or holiday table is to create a grouping of the same type of flowers in their own vases and to collect and arrange them all together along the center of the table. When picking out flowers that go well together on a table or in an arrangement I first look to their color palette (are they in the same color family? are the colors contrasting? – both can be great looks but different effects), then their shape and texture. You could do the same thing with just foliage and greenery to great effect. Do you set your table for a holiday meal or just keep it super casual?

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