Instagram Inspiration

Here are some things that have caught my eye on instagram:

Desk Alcove

I like the idea of a handsome desk tucked away into a corner. This desk posted by homepolish with it’s dark wood and single drawer is the perfect accent against an elegant backdrop of white walls and woodwork.

Ernie's Tin Bar in Petaluma, hand lettered sign, galvanized tin planters, inviting patio space with string lights | Gather Goods Co

I’m perpetually curious and inspired by restaurant and retail spaces in other locales. This roadside spot in Petaluma captured by aguynamedpatrick looks intriguing. The tall galvanized tin bucket planters close in the patio, the patio lights add ambiance and of course the hand lettered sign on the old facade is rustic perfection.

Henry Howard Hotel, New Orleans Louisiana features a four poster bed, blue and white toile wallpaper and a trombone as decor | Gather Goods Co

Here’s another spot I wouldn’t mind visiting one day. This hotel room at the Henry Howard Hotel in New Orleans captured by designsponge on her instagram looks divine. I am a sucker for blue and white toile wallpaper and a four poster bed. Everything about this room says cozy and refined and I especially love the nod towards Louisiana jazz culture with the trombone above the bed.

Peony Photograph by Ngoc Minh Ngo | Gather Goods Co

If I could take pictures all day every day of flowers I would be a happy girl. That’s why I’m always enamored with the photographs of Ngoc Minh Ngo, she is a photographer after my own heart. I adore the photos in her first book Bringing Nature Home and stumbled upon this gorgeous photo of a peony on her instagram account.

If You Don't Know Where You Are Going, You'll End Up Someplace Else Quote

When you run a business there are so many goals to set and try to reach. This quote by Yogi Berra hand lettered by Sycamore Street Press and posted on their instagram hits home.

Cozy living room of Victoria Smith of SFGirlByBay with round white coffee table, wicker day bed and floor to ceiling bookshelves | Gather Goods Co

I am always in awe of the decorating sense of Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay. When she shares snippets of her house on instagram and elseware, they are always so good and the space looks wonderfully cozy and inviting. Major house goals.

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