Introducing Gather Voices, The Podcast

After many years of having one-on-one conversations with others that I’ve wanted to share, I’ve finally started a podcast. You might remember a few years back I recorded one conversation from a talk I had with another business owner, well this time there will be more than that.

I aim to release these once a month though sometimes there may be more content than that. You can listen anywhere you stream podcasts just search for “Gather Voices“.⁠⁠

The first episode is a zoom conversation (so there may be blips and some noises here and there!) with Preeti Waas of Cheeni Raleigh. I hope you enjoy it! ⁠⁠You can listen to it below (or wherever you find podcasts).

I’d love it if you subscribe, rate and review and share with your friends so that others can find it too.

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