September Sounds, A Music Mix

September Sounds, A Music Mix | Gather Goods Co

For the past few years the shop has been using my Spotify account for the music in the space. When I’m at home or in the car, I’m constantly getting logged out so I finally created a dedicated account for the shop. Huzzah for small victories! Currently I just have one playlist, the one you see here which you can listen to below or at this link, but eventually there will be more. If you want to follow the account here for when we post new mixes, our username is gathergoodsco.

I love making and receiving music mixes and they were a staple of my growing up years. There is something about changing seasons that always inspires a new one. This playlist features most of my recent favorites that I have been listening to for the past year. Hope you enjoy. What have you been listening to lately?

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