Beautiful Handmade Ceramic Mugs in the Shop

Ceramic mugs are one of those things I can just never get enough of. They are such a beautiful object and really balance the form and function concept well. I am always in awe that such a small, functional, everyday object can take on such variety in presentation and yet still at its core be essentially the same thing by the hundreds of thousands of makers who have made them over thousands of years, actually many more thousands than that since the first ones (without handles) were discovered in 10,000 B.C.!

Below I’ve rounded up the collection of mugs I have pulled together and are now available in the Gather Goods Co online shop perfect for your morning coffee or tea and the cozy seasons upon us.

I love these creamy stoneware mugs with their reactive glaze and rim that looks like a perfectly over toasted marshmallow in a fire pit. These are the mugs to bring out and fill to the brim with creamy frothed milk or whipped cream while you sit around with a blanket wrapped around you.

Next up are these elegant green fluted stoneware mugs that remind me of sitting in a European cafe and people watching. This mug is both dainty and solid at the same time. I’m a sucker for anything in shades of green blue and this glaze has that perfect sea green quality to it.

And speaking of beautiful shades of green these chunky mint green mugs have a shiny glaze enhanced by light brown speckling.

And lastly, a classic black mug that is striking and simple, a minimalist anchor piece. I love the long swooping handle on these mugs.

Are you a ceramic mug person like me? I think they make the perfect gift. You can find all of these mugs and purchase them individually or as a set in the Gather Goods Co online shop.