The Best Food Gifts to Give and Send at the Holidays and Anytime

I am partial to giving and sending food gifts both at the holidays but also year round. They are a great item to have on hand for a housewarming present, a simple thank you, a birthday, a coworker gift, a boss, a white elephant, it goes on and on. They are also nice to have on hand in case you forgot someone or something they can easily be plucked from the spot where you keep them and given in a pinch and hopefully the person receiving is none the wiser. 😉

If, like me, you have a large family that participates in gift exchanging every year this is a good way to save on costs but also to mix and match a present that everyone is sure to enjoy. Who doesn’t like snacks and delicious food? I prefer curating and finding items that are delicious, beautifully packaged and made from really high quality products from talented food makers and in the Gather Goods Co online shop I’ve done the work for you by carrying the best of what’s out there. None of these gifts feel like the typical food basket that you could find in the mall or from a mail in catalog.

Here, I’ve rounded up the food gifts that I stock in the Gather Goods Co online shop that are perfect for gifting in-person or mailing to loved ones farther away and that all taste incredible. Many of these food items come packaged in sets of 3 so they can be divided between recipients if you prefer or just sent directly as a full set if you know someone who really loves peanut butter for instance. Highly recommend the peanut butter by the way!

And of course my husband Ben makes his seasonal peppermint bark which I cannot recommend enough. He makes it from the end of October-January and it is hands-down a customer favorite and our best selling product by far year round even though we only sell it for a few short months. People love getting it, stocking it up in the freezer (if you can resist saving it) and giving it. This is a popular corporate gift too.

If you know someone who enjoys cooking and DIYing things, I also carry DIY cooking kits which are always fun to get and make, especially for a family or a young couple that is still interested in trying new recipes vs reheating Trader Joe’s food in the whirlwind of a busy life. 😉

If you are looking for larger quantities of any of the food products than what you see on the website, get in touch. I can make it happen and even curate a ready-made assorted gift box with many of these items if you would prefer.

And, if you like giving locally made gifts, many of these food gifts are made here in North Carolina. Find all of these delicious food gifts in the Gather Goods Co online shop here.

And of course, you can always shop in-person at our downtown Cary space by appointment or on open shopping days and there happens to be one this Saturday October 15th from 11am-4pm. Gather Studios is located at 417 Kildaire Farm Road in downtown Cary, North Carolina.

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