The Power of a Peony

You guys: have you ever felt that slow, bubbling excitement that creeps upon you unexpectedly and alerts you to impending positive energy and creativity – to something beautiful and exciting on the horizon?

I know I wax on about creativity and burn out and sabbaticals and my non-linear entrepreneurial journey a lot, but that’s because I thrive on reflection and that is what I’m doing constantly. For me things sometimes move slow like honey pouring out of a jar – but they are still moving even if it feels like they are not. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of dramatic reveals and epiphanies – mine come slowly, a lot like honey, but also like this peony bloom.

Beautiful Pale Pink Blooming Peony Flower | Gather Goods Co


I know that something lovely is coming, and I watch it with eager anticipation over weeks, thinking when will it bloom – and then on the day that it does, it unfurls slowly, and even more beautifully than I could have imagined, over still, a period of days. It’s an exercise in meditation and patience.

This peony inspired me to get out my camera and take a legit tabletop photo – something I adore doing but had to put aside for awhile. Something beautiful is reemerging in this season, like it always does after a period of dormancy. Nature is beautiful in its consistency and yet it always feels unexpectedly breathtaking at the sight of new growth and returning blossoms.

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