Trend Spotting: Dusty Mauve, Straw and Green Colors and the 80’s Are Back

As a child growing up in the eighties and nineties in the D.C. suburbs with strong opinions about the interior decorating around me, I never thought I’d see the day where those colors and patterns of my youth (or rather my parents and their parents decorating at the time) felt fresh and cool. At the time they just felt very “mom-like” and decidedly uncool.

I have visceral memories of baskets hanging from ceilings, green and white wallpaper with ivy and geranium florals, dark green walls, dried flowers and potpourri, wide stripes, gold, green and white upholstery, tiffany glass lamps in Pizza Hut and dark restaurants. How is it that it all feels fresh and new and unexpected now? I guess it’s a rose-colored glasses effect of looking backwards, a bit of escapism and wanting something that feels decidedly different than the present moment perhaps?

British decorating with its cottagecore coziness and mixed patterns, bolder but muted colored walls, and a bit more whimsy has been the trend of the moment for the past year or so and I feel it is just beginning to settle in. I’ve rounded up some colors that evoke the moment and feel good together full of dusty mauves, golden straw yellows, greens and yes, wide stripes.

Images: Stained Glass Lampshade, I Appreciate You Note Card, Green Bookshelves, Mauve Taper Candles, Vintage Green Glass Candlestick Holder, Mosaic Marble Tile, Glass & Rattan Pitcher, Marble Patterned Floor, Vase of Flowers Puzzle, Glass Tiles, Dried Flower Bunch, Ceramic Sun Plate, Green Striped Match Striker with Pink Matches

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