Words I Need To Hear

Be A Nice Person

This morning I woke up knowing in the pit of my stomach that the country I love voted out of fear and not hope. My gut was telling me that this would happen, to take a look at Brexit, that history repeats itself, that the brightest light can only exist as a contrast to the darkest corners, but nonetheless I was hopeful and willfully naive.

You Are Capable Quote

But being willfully naive however is the very root of the problem. We can’t just all assume that the world and values around us are the same. We have to actively work towards change each and every day and be vocal about it as well.

Action Cures Fear Quote

Today I want to pause to say to those hurting: I hear you, I see you, I will fight for and with you. It’s not acceptable to stand behind fear and hate. I choose to be a voice of love, hope and compassion. I am embarrassed and ashamed at the prevailing attitudes of our country.

If All You Can Do Is Crawl, Start Crawling

Today I’m posting the words I need to hear, shouting out loud, in my own way, that the world does have goodness, and that emboldened, together we can work together towards that.

Do What You Can Quote

I encourage you to do the same. Let’s let love, not fear, rule our hearts, and not just today, but everyday. Let’s never forget this feeling and use it as fuel to do the deep and heavy, but compassionate work, that needs to be done to make this so. Let’s let these feelings stir our hearts towards action, not just for us, but even more so for others.

Mother Theresa Quote on Poverty

Let’s be kind and good and always, always, be an encourager to those who need it most, including ourselves as we strive to become better each day.


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