Gather-Studio, Headshot Photography for a Marketing & Communications Manager, Raleigh

Olympia is a freelance marketing and communications manager who works as a consultant for various companies. She is also the founder of Dame Good 365, an online community of women connecting and finding inspiration to do good in their communities. Her passion is in giving back and working at the intersection of digital communications, social media, brand development, and public relations. Obviously, because of her skills and expertise, she knows, like me, the value of having an updated and professional headshot and I was thrilled when she asked me to shoot hers recently.

Gather Goods Studio Headshot

Currently, Olympia is living in a small apartment with her husband and other family members so her home office doesn’t have the professional look she wants to convey in her professional life. I scouted out a few locations before deciding to shoot at NC State’s super sleek new library, the James B. Hunt library located on Centennial Campus. It is a cool spot, not only because the books are pulled from the shelves by robots, but more importantly, because of it’s floor to ceiling windows on every floor, varied backdrops and work surfaces.

Gather Goods Studio Project, Headshot Photography

First impressions count and when you are pitching yourself to potential clients or seeking job opportunities, your photo is one of the first things that person hiring or buying from you sees. Olympia will be using these new headshot photos across her social media platforms and I’m confident they will help her garner more work and continue to position herself as an expert in her field. Thanks Olympia for working with me!

Gather Goods Studio, Headshot Photography

Gather Goods Co is a tiny gift shop, classroom and online store focused on showcasing beautiful goods, many of which are made by emerging makers. We also have our own line of gift and garden products under the same name. Gather-Studio is our service arm focused on photography, styling, social media, marketing, branding and design work for clients. Interested in our services? Email me for more details.

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