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Dreamy Dining Room Table Setting | Gather Goods Co

The dreamiest table setting. What’s prettier than a collection of ceramics, tableware and plants on a farmhouse table in a room with lots of light? This tabletop moment from the instagram of Jersey Ice Cream Co, a husband and wife home designer and stylist team, makes me want to pull up a chair.

Iced Hot Chocolate Drink | Gather Goods Co

I really miss making and serving up drinks like we did at the old Gather space. Now that the weather is hot I’m craving delicious iced drinks. This iced hot chocolate from the instagram of Durham’s Cocoa Cinnamon looks amazing.

Kitchen Studio Space | Gather Goods Co

As a seriously introverted person (who does a good job of making it seem otherwise) I crave time in my own space and waffle between having a public space like Gather is now, or just a home studio where I can do my photography and styling work, have an online shop only, and do events separately. My extroverted friends get stir crazy by themselves and at home, whereas I’m the opposite and thrive and am most inspired by my lonesome with little bursts of outside stimulation. I love the idea of having a home kitchen photo studio like Seattle based food photographer Cannelle et Vanille that she showcased on her instagram.

Meryl Streep Quote | Gather Goods Co

And as a person who lives mostly in my head, I find that mind over matter is a big thing these days. I love this quote by Meryl Streep posted on Clementine Daily’s instagram about putting blinders. Yes.

Sunset Beach on the Picnic | Gather Goods Co

And speaking of checking out, don’t you just love this photo by Local Milk she posted on her instagram. Don’t you want to be here on this blanket on the beach having a picnic? I do.

Plant Filled Shop Shelves | Gather Goods Co

I always love seeing how others shops merchandise their shelves. U.K. based Botany which sells plants and home wares and seems a kindred spirit, posted this shot on their instagram.

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