In The Studio with Sarah Jane Tart

Now that I’ve shared other inspiring painting spaces are you all ready to see where Sarah Jane Tart, the artist & instructor of the upcoming Floral Painting Class at Gather on Saturday March 16th creates her work? Recently, I visited Sarah Jane at her home studio in Durham to take photos of her and her space and learn more about her. I just loved the area she has dedicated to her craft and that it is set up for her to be reminded to create something every day because of it’s location adjacent to her living room.

Sarah Jane works full-time as a graphic designer and her husband is a nurse. They share their home with their adorable golden retriever puppy.

How gorgeous is this wooden easel? Sarah Jane said her husband bought it for her and it made her feel like an “official” painter. Her workspace is setup off of her living room and kitchen in a little alcove with great light that used to be the dining room.

In addition to the easel positioned in front of a big window, Sarah Jane has a desk area that she has set up against the far wall that she shares with her husband. Here she keeps her planners, printer, fresh cut flowers (she recently splurged on a flower subscription service) and other inspiring art by other artists.

The painting you see here is the first she ever created in her floral series and was inspired by her wedding bouquet, though she’s been painting all her life and flowers have long been an inspiration for her.

I’m excited for Sarah Jane to teach us her process at the upcoming Painting Florals class at Gather on Saturday March 16th where you will walk away with your own finished piece inspired by a floral arrangement still life. Will I see you there? You can register here.

All photos taken by me, Michelle Smith for Gather Goods Co.

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