Inspired By: Painting Studio Spaces

Now that I’ve thought about all the tools and process of painting, I’m daydreaming about painting studios ahead of the Floral Painting class at Gather on Saturday March 16th. I am always fascinated by how other artists set up their work space. Painters tend to have specific things in their spaces: a window with good light, an easel or wall where you can tack your paintings in progress, space to hang your inspiration or other art in process, flat files and storage for your canvas and of course your paints and brushes close by.

Some artists prefer a more serene, calm space with lots of blank walls and others like to be surrounded by little vignettes of collected items and inspiration. I find that most artists are collectors and magpies at heart and like to “see” their treasures around them, including their supplies since they are very visually driven people.

I love the idea of a tucked away backyard studio space where you can get as messy as you like and keep your home and art separate. That is a one-day goal for myself, hopefully with a dog underfoot just like here but really any space with great light and lots of wall space to hang things on will do.

Do you dream about one day having a space where you can paint and create? What does it look like? Do you already have one? I’d love to see.

Will you be joining me at the Floral Painting Class at Gather with instructor Sarah Jane Tart on Saturday March 16th? You can register here.

Images: Rustic painting retreat, Collection of artist tools & inspiration, paintbrushes in glass vessels, paint tube display, backyard art cabin, tall windows in artist studio, plant filled painting space

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