Stockist Spotlight: Siren Floral Shop in Oceanside, California, Gift and Flower Shop

One of my favorite things to do is discover other shops around the country and world. When I travel I always seek out special independent shops because I know the effort, intentionality and expertise that goes into manning such a space and also how challenging but love-filled it is to run one as well. I also believe that independent brick and mortar shops help diversify, beautify and enrich a community, not to mention support usually hundreds of other micro, often women-owned businesses.

So, when I discovered online the absolutely stunning Siren Floral Shop in Oceanside, California, I was immediately smitten with their beautiful merchandising, offerings and of course floral arrangements. As someone who has been gardening since I was a girl, worked in a greenhouse for a handful of years and has deeply considered flower farming as a career but know that ultimately retail is where I shine, I especially love their floral focus and expertise. What a thrill when they placed a wholesale order with Gather Goods Co. I’ll be shipping them a beautifully curated collection of my cards and stickers tomorrow for them to carry in their retail shop.

Like Gather Goods Co, they believe strongly in community and supporting small makers. They also teach classes, try their best to be eco-friendly and sustainable as much as they can, and they believe in quality over quantity.

Below are some of the Gather Goods Co items you’ll soon be able to shop from at Siren Floral Shop.

All Siren Floral Co images via their instagram. Are you a shop interested in carrying my wares? You can find me on faire here. You can also shop for my wares online 24/7 at or in person in downtown Cary, NC at our gift shop and coworking space.

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